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Shenzhen fancy energy limited

Shenzhen City sharp strange energy limited is a to new energy lithium battery products for led, set development, and manufacturing, and sales for one of modern high-tech enterprise, main: polymer battery, and solar, and phosphate iron lithium battery, and solar Street battery, and medical equipment battery, and electric tool battery, and lithium battery manufacturers, and 18650 battery, and 26650 battery, and 14500 battery, and intelligent home battery, and lithium battery set do, and electronic smoke battery, and 12V lithium battery, is currently domestic investment scale larger, and Lithium-ion battery production, one of the highest technical level. Our diversity strategy and services markets worldwide. Sharp exotic to mainstream markets demand efficiency and innovation, forming a very unique system of lithium battery technology and manufacturing. In key process introduced world first-class equipment of based Shang, through integration company in precision mechanical development and processing field of technology advantage, itself development, and design, and manufacturing automation to achieved has products automation of scale production capacity, success launched cylindrical type, and polymer to, and buttons battery and the nickel hydrogen battery four series and various battery charger, and high middle and low electronic smoke. which battery products widely using Yu notebook computer, and wireless communications Terminal and various portable equipment. And to highlight the high energy density and good safety performance, excellent value for money and efficient, fast after-sales service, won the world class factory customer recognition. Dynamic research and development team to work full of passion and creativity, has made remarkable achievements, the company has laid in liquid lithium-ion batteries, polymer battery and large-capacity battery research and development, manufacturing, quality of the domestic leading level of ability. Companies attach great importance to cooperation with domestic and international world class institutions, ensures sharp exotic battery technology and integration with the indifference of international advanced technology, continuous innovation, consolidating an industry leader. To be creative beyond service-oriented, credibility first these beliefs motivate us, enable us gradually to the Mainland of China based on business covering Europe, America, South Korea, Singapore, Russia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Latin America, the Arab world and Africa and other international markets, forming a transnational business pattern. Super industrial distribution and excellence in management decisions, promoting the core competitiveness of enterprises continue to improve so that we stay ahead in the industry, business models and the perfect blend of innovation and technology, sharp peculiar energy to better create value for customers, more long-term cooperation with our customers, and outstanding representative of the leading attitude into a professional field and wind vane.

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